Privacy conscious analytics

Oct 21, 2020

I’ve used Google Analytics for over a decade. When building my first websites, I would marvel at the thought developers all around the world landed on one of my blog posts about programming or tutorials on ‘how to best use your smartphone as a gps on a motorbike’.

Visitor map for — 2020

Getting older I realized I was helping Google building a better profile on people, ultimately leading their ads business to convert to sales.

I’ve always detested ads and I no longer want to assist Google with it. I shouldn’t give any of my visitors data away for nought.


Looking at alternatives there seem to be 2 major candidates:

What I like is that they don’t use cookies, don’t require a privacy policy or cookie notice and you can actually self-host Plausible if you would want that.

Compared to Google Analytics they may offer less details about your visitors, have less graphs or data but for most sites, you don’t often need those anyway.




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