Developer Health @ DroidconUK 2019

3 min readNov 4, 2019


DroidconUK really is my favourite conference. And as it's being my 4th edition, it became more challenging to find eye opening talks. Lucky me I was happily surprised with 3 talks about Developer Health and how to improve as a brain worker.

The super interesting talks:

Now what were these talks highlighting and how did it impact me?

These are only a few points. I definitely recommend watching the talks yourself!

We, as brainworkers should take care of our brain. It's our primary asset and our most important tool. We should think of our brain as a muscle. It can be trained and we need to take care of it.

Sleep well. Studies learn us that sleeping only 7 hours for 2 weeks, brings us to the same state of someone who’s intoxicated. This is insane!

Eat healthy.

Try to reach Flow easier, and stay in it. What is Flow?

Being completely absorbed, focused, and involved in your activities at a certain point in time, as well as deriving enjoyment from being engaged in that activity.

Every interruption is said to make you waste about 20 minutes. That's incredible.

Most companies focus on approachability in the form of open offices. This is the hardest way to work concentrated and the barrier to interrupt someone is just too low. If you can't leave this place, you should let people know, how they can know not to interrupt you. Or even better, discuss quiet hours within the space.

Work on developer branding. Amazing jobs are out there, but the companies providing them, need to find you. Make sure, that what you do is visible.

So, now that I've learned this. What will I do?

  • I've purchased the best ANC headphones out there. I used to think that it's up to your workplace to make sure we can concentrate, be in flow and do our best possible work. But I realise now that not purchasing this, actually limits my own future and possibilities.
  • Work from home more often so I can sleep more. As a dad, sleep deprivation has become a weekly thing. Working from home more often saves me at least 2 hours a day. And as a plus, I am way less interrupted with questions colleagues actually can answer themselves.
  • Focus time. Snooze notifications, turn off smartphone notifications, turn up the noice cancelling and work toward goals.
  • Work on my personal branding. Increase the quality of my blog posts. Put more effort in open source. Improve my apps in the play store.
  • When something pops into my head. Write it down, in some list, so I can do these less important things later. This is a proven method to take it out of your mind. Otherwise, it will keep coming back in your head, preventing you from reaching Flow.




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