Just like many roads, bring you to Bruges, there are number of methods to update your Android build code.

If I hear you think; “Android build code, what’s that again?”, let’s explain shortly. Every android apk or aab you make, has a version name and a version code. While the…

I’ve used Google Analytics for over a decade. When building my first websites, I would marvel at the thought developers all around the world landed on one of my blog posts about programming or tutorials on ‘how to best use your smartphone as a gps on a motorbike’.

Visitor map for createweb.be — 2020

Getting older…

How can you publish your Android library on jCenter, so that everyone can use it? There may be other posts explaining this, but most of them use an additional script, while it's actually easy to do without!

Setup your Android library project

It's important that your Android project has the right structure. You should create…


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